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The Art of Living - Bob Proctor (2015)


I have just finished reading Bob Proctor's The Art of Living which came out in 2015. This is the first book of his I have read. I had already been somewhat aware of him from social media over the last few years and had reshared some of his quotes online but this book is a lot deeper than I imagined it would be. He's in his line of work around 60 years and it's a testament to him and his work that the institute he runs with Sandy Gallagher (that I have no plans to get involved with as his books are rich enough as it is) has over one million Youtube subscribers. I have posted around 20 of his quotes on my blog over the last few years including the last six that I typed up from the book I have just finished. I have done a lot of good reading over the last 6 months in general with the Covid situation giving us all a lot more time on our hands and imagine I will read more of his work, although I have to say that the book I have just read is so rich that it may well suffice in terms of learning a lot from him.

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