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I finished reading The Grand Design series by Paddy McMahon. I read number 1 last year and just finished reading numbers 2-5 which I have read in just the last few weeks.

Paddy died last year and I had not heard of him before I read an obituary in The Irish Times about him last year by Manchán Mangan. I have loads of books on spirituality and his books are up there with my favourites out of all of the books I have.

The books are like the Silver Birch books I have. There is loads of encouraging detail in Paddy's books. If he had have brought them out when the internet was big (he wrote The Grand Design series in the 80's and early 90's and published them in the early-to-mid 90's) I'd say that a lot more people would be aware of them. I find it great having books on spirituality that I can pick up at any time for encouragement and and I now highlight my favourite parts of the books with a pencil so I can go straight to the best parts. 😀

He has other books as well that I will check out after I have a break from reading his main series recently and there is a lot to take in and go over from the books I have read so I might leave checking out more of his books for a while.



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I read an obituary in The Irish Times last year about Paddy McMahon the writer who died last year. I hadn't heard of him before then. I have since read two of his books and I am reading my third of his- The Grand Design II. And have ordered the three other books in The Grand Design series. He was a spiritual channel like Michelle Paisley Reed, Esther Hicks, Neale Donald Walsch and Maurice Barbanell. I found out today that there is a Paddy McMahon Facebook page that reposts his quotes. I haven't read any of the quotes on the page yet because the latest ones on it are from a couple of books later in The Grand Design series that I have not read yet and I want to finish reading the series and, maybe, more of his books until I start reading his Facebook quotes page i.e. I don't want to spoil the surprises.

I will start reposting my favourite quotes of his after I have read more his books. They're fascinating, intriguing, highly informative and highly encouraging. 

Paddy McMahon


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