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Michelle Paisley Reed and The Power of 10

Over the last couple of months I have read the three (to date) Power of 10 books written by Michelle Paisley Reed. I didn't read them in the order of date published but the three books are shown below in order of date published. I will repost more of her quotes on my blog that are on her Twitter page and have been in touch with Michelle to ask her can I interview her. I find Michelle's books to be a lot more spiritual than the Esther Abraham Hicks books. I suppose they complement each other. I am still not convinced that there is a law (formal or not) of attraction in the world- to be fair the three books below do not go on about that much unlike Esther's books I have read. I would highly recommend checking Michelle's work out.

Update: I interviewed Michelle today for Near FM (8.11.19)- see podcast at bottom of post

Near FM

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