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I believe in karma

I just watched a short video of Neale Donald Walsch answering a question on does he believe karma exists and I just listened to a audio podcast on Youtube of a question asked to Esther Abraham Hicks on whether she thinks karma exists. I agree with a lot of what both of them said on both podcasts but they said that karma doesn't exist and I believe it does.

First of all I am not a Buddhist and am not a member of any religion although I would come formally from a Catholic background although my family are not religious and I stopped going to mass from a young enough age. I do not have a strong belief like a lot Buddhists would in karma from past lives although I think that there is a significant possibility that that exists. I am mostly inclined to believe in past lives, I am just not convinced that we have to address karma from past lives in our current lives.

I do however believe in creating karma- both positive and negative- in our current lives. Another way of saying this is the proverb "What goes around comes around".

I got into Reiki when I was 19 and one of the first things I learned is that karma or creating karma in this life is real. "Do onto others as you would have them done onto you" Jesus said and this is completely true I believe if we want to live a happy life. "Attitude is everything" is another lesser said proverb but reflects the same truth I believe. What is your attitude like? Do you in any aspects of your life create negative karma?

How spiritual you are as Eckhart Tolle has said has nothing to do with what you believe and has everything to do with your state of consciousness and as the current Dalai Lama XIV has said inner transformation is not a matter of faith or prayer but involves reason and the use of human intelligence. I would personally recommend getting attuned to Reiki, maybe after having received the energy from a practitioner initially, and keeping up with the news in general and social justice issues if you want to live a spiritual life. I don't want to dismiss prayer- I talk to God a lot mostly informally- but as we become adults I believe that it is our intelligence and commitment to service of those less fortunate than us and an active working belief in a higher power that helps us realise we are on the right road. We never stop creating karma in this life. It matters a lot whether we are creating positive or negative karma if we want to be happy.

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Lidl Ireland, Fairtrade and trying to eliminate single use plastic

Great news! A sign of a lot more to come hopefully! 😀