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Barbara Marx Hubbard (6)

20 Apr 2018

Venus Williams

Addictions versus Masochism

Thanks to Phil Cain who tweeted this quote from this report:

                                    Credit: Shohat-Ophir, et al

"The modified insects which had been hanging out under the red light and ejaculating frequently opted to drink water. The rest, none of which had experienced sperm release, all hit the booze."

Zen proverb (88)

Jiddu Krishnamurti (3)

17 Apr 2018

Rumi (16)

Hakuin Ekaku

Copenhagen, Denmark

Henry Lawson

Mark Twain (5)

Pat Summitt

Raidió na dTreabh

Emma Ní Chearúil, Bainisteoir Raidió na dTreabh

Wallace D Wattles

Panache Desai

Sandra Day O'Connor


Malaria deaths in Africa, 2000-2015

Brad Lea