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(Updated 3.2.17) M. Scott Peck, Neale Donald Walsch and Gary Zukav

I was going to add a postscript to my post earlier today criticising the Law of Attraction advocates but I decided that a newer post would be more worthwhile.

I said in my earlier post that I kind of like the work or books of Neale Donald Walsch and Gary Zukav. I do. They are not very Christian though. Neales' books don't accept the reality of evil events and people. Yes people- some people are evil. And Garys' books barely do.

I have both of their main books on spirituality and I think they are mostly very good but there is a fundamental avoidance and sometimes denial in them of the reality of evil people in Neales' books and little attention of them in Garys' books. Garys' books are otherwise generally written very well and creative. Neales' books are written straightforwardly and are very informative I think. They are not particularly Christian books though. I could believe almost all of what they say in their books though on God and life if they would just deal with the reality of human evil and evil people. I would be somewhat inclined to believe that their books are divinely inspired but that the reality of evil actions and people has just not gotten through to them much. I would encourage people to read their books for yourselves. I think they are worth reading even if there is a fundamental flaw in them. I would find Neale and Gary to be more realistically spiritually active than a lot of clergy so if you are interested in God and spirituality I suggest checking their work out. Maybe start with Garys'. Let us know how you get on if you do. I wouldn't rate most new age writers as realistic but Gary and Neales' books are worth checking out I think; even if there is a fundamental flaw with them.

I am not going to make a habit of talking about evil on this blog and may not talk about it again for a long time because it is not necessary to keep on going on about it; but at the bottom of this post you can see a interview my favorite author M. Scott Peck did in 1983 on his then latest book "People of the Lie- The Hope for Healing Human Evil". The book is worth reading, although I suggest that other books of Scotts' be read first if you have not read most of them already, starting with his most famous book "The Road Less Travelled". I highlighted what I think are the main points in People of the Lie on this thread (posts 102-170).

Gary Zukav author of "Seat of the Soul" talking on SuperSoul Sunday on OWN

Neale Donald Walsch Author of the "Conversations with God" series of books

M. Scott Peck (1936-2005) Author of "The Road Less Travelled" and "People of the Lie"

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