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Is drug addiction a mental illness? Yes, I think so

I've been thinking about this recently after reading of a drug rehab centre in Scotland advocate this belief. Below is an article from the U.S NIH. If serious drug addiction is a mental illness or illnesses then surely being dangerously addicted to gambling would be another mental illness.


Is drug addiction a mental illness?

Yes, because addiction changes the brain in fundamental ways, disturbing a person's normal hierarchy of needs and desires and substituting new priorities connected with procuring and using the drug. The resulting compulsive behaviors that override the ability to control impulses despite the consequences are similar to hallmarks of other mental illnesses.

Addiction changes the brain disturbing the normal hierarchy of needs and desire.

In fact, the DSM, which is the definitive resource of diagnostic criteria for all mental disorders, includes criteria for drug use disorders, distinguishing between two types: drug abuse and drug dependence. Drug dependence is synonymous with addiction. By comparison, the criteria for drug abuse hinge on the harmful consequences of repeated use but do not include the compulsive use, tolerance (i.e., needing higher doses to achieve the same effect), or withdrawal (i.e., symptoms that occur when use is stopped) that can be signs of addiction.


The brain and drug use- Dr. Phil

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Why Does Every Action You Make Leave Either A Mark Or A Scar? - Deidré Wallace

I highly recommend following Deidré on Twitter and Linkedin and checking out her http://relationshipknowledge.com website, if you are interested in psychology!

Every Action Has An Equal And Opposite Reaction: What you give you will receive. What you put out you will get back.

Our actions however, have ripple effects and sometimes those ripple effects return to bite us on the bottom.

Ripple effects are not always that obvious.

Sometimes those ripple effects are put in motion years before - because things don’t just happen. Life occurs as a result of a series of events, built up over time. We see this in relationships, in business, in economics, in politics and so on.

And you, yes you, yes all of us - may be responsible for setting some of those things in motion.
We do not live in a vacuum.

Mostly we are so busy with our own lives, that we don't often see what we may be doing or not doing to ourselves or others.

But, what we put out - has a way of finding it's way right back to us.

The consequent result might not be favourable especially if we refuse to become aware that each one of our actions - has an equal and opposite reaction.

It's hard to take responsibility for our actions but if we don't, we'll just keep setting ourselves up.
Taking responsibility is about becoming aware.

It means looking at the bigger picture. It means taking responsibility for how your actions may impact on others.

It also includes making sure that the groups we align ourselves with, do not produce negative or destructive results for all those involved - for indeed anyone living around you or in your community.

It is so important to watch what we say, how we think and how we behave. We are after all, part of creating history and history does have a sneaky way of repeating itself - especially when we are asleep and not paying attention.

Let's instead, make sure that what we are creating is constructive and that it leads to a society that we would all be happy living in.

We can so easily leave a scar rather than a mark, if we are not aware that actions have an equal and opposite reaction.

Lets rather stay awake and alert so we can ensure that we leave a mark that all can benefit from.
So what's stopping you?

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