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Barbara Marx Hubbard (6)


Trócaire in Gaza in 2016- Global Solidarity Near FM

Here is a blog I recorded earlier with Eoghan Rice from Trócaire talking about his recent visit to Gaza.

Eoghan Rice outside the Trócaire Information Office on Cathedral Street


Twitter lists

I created two Twitter lists tonight, my first time creating them.

- Raidió Pobail (Community Radio)

   of my favourite community radio stations


- Irish Global Dev NGO's

   of my favourite Irish global development NGO's including Irish Aid as the GO.

Creating your own personal lists on Twitter is a great way of catching up on all the news on Twitter in the areas you interested in and saves you having to check out each individual page separately. I have known of Twitter lists for ages but I only started creating them tonight and I think they are a great idea.


Coláiste Dhúlaigh College of Further Education

EN - Near FM

GA - Near FM & Raidió na Life

Léirsiú ar son an maoiniú le haghaidh seirbhísí sláinte intinne sa phobail / Demonstration for funding for mental health services in the community 28.4.16 - Near FM & Raidió na Life

Esther Abraham Hicks


I wrote last October about my spiritual avatars to date. I have to update you on the latest and one of the greatest new spiritual avatars I have now. Esther Hicks. She channels a higher power of Abraham- which is a collective higher power- and gives seminars throughout the world. I heard of her once a couple of years ago but did not inquire any further at the time because I, like most of you now probably, considered the idea absurd. Well I reread a few months ago that Neale Donald Walsch recommended one of her books in one of his books so I bought it and I agree with her teachings and believe that Esther Hicks, like Neale Donald Walsch, speaks the word of God. She not only has a Youtube channel with 163,000 subscribers to date (May 2016) but there are loads of other Youtube channels of or including her work also. She clearly believes in spreading her work for free mostly.

Anyway I recommend having a listen (most of her videos on Youtube, bar on her channel which incidentally has not been updated in a year, are audio podcasts). I am inclined to believe her when she says that we are all extensions of Source and when we are in alignment with our higher power know it or feel it. It happens I believe that some people, a very small minority, spend a lot more of their time in alignment than most people. I believe that Esther Hicks is one of these people and has a lot to teach us.

I recommend you watch or listen to at least two or three minutes of two of her videos to find out about Esther and the spirit Abraham she channels for yourself. A Youtube search for Abraham Hicks with specific search terms for areas you are in particular interested in should bring up videos/or audio podcasts of talks she has done on those topics- I find with areas I am interested in  myself anyway.