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My spiritual avatars (2015)

Despite writing recently about Neale Donald Walsch's books Conversations With God I don't want to give the impression that I subscribe entirely to what he and his God say in those books.

When I first heard of the books when I was getting a Reiki attunement I thought that the idea was pie in the sky. It was not until I was in my late 20's when somebody I was chatting to online on Gary Zukav's old blog (he has a newer one now) mentioned Neale Donald Walsch so I did a Google search for him (not remembering that he wrote the CWG triology and other books) and found his old blog (he also has a new blog now), and read some of his quotes- allegedly from God- and I actually believed them.

I am not going to give a summary of his books as I could be writing for a long time. I regularly reread parts of his books. One thing I will say though is that, in the books God says that he communicates with humans all the time and it is only a question of listening to him. I am inclined to believe that we all have a higer self, or soul, and that our higher self or soul is God or part of God. So these books by Neale Donald Walsch are his converations with his higher self of God. My idea of God is different to that of Neale Donald Walsch (although I believe the vast majority of the material in his books and they have been and continualy are highly beneficial to me) in that I believe in the reality of evil. I don't actually get unduly concerned about possessions and exorcisms and even the devil though believe it or not because the more regular everyday evil we or I come across every day is more pressing and worrying.

M. Scott Peck's books have changed my life more than any other writer ever. Next Neale Donald Walsch's books have helped change, or evolve, me the most and Gary Zukav has a big amount also along with Anthony De Mello's books and those of Eckart Tolle's.

Neale Donald Walsch- Conversations With God


What is the problem with the world at the most basic level?

I am inclinded to agree with Neale Donald Walsch when he says that the problems of this world need a spirtual solution and not political or economic or military ones, or at least not in their current forms.

However if we all actually used our brains we could evolve so much without even having to ask for God's help I think.
"One of the major dilemmas we face both as individuals and as a society is simplistic thinking- or the failure to think at all. It isn't just a problem, it is the problem". - M. Scott Peck, The Road Less Travelled and Beyond.

I know that a lot of you reading this use your brains. Could you imagine if everyone on this earth used their brains and actually sought with curioristy and enthusiasm to increase their consciouness and knowledge of this earth and it's people? We wouldn't have a problem!