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UNAIDS 2015 Report

UNAIDS released their 2015 annual report in Addis Ababa in Ethiopa during the week in which they said that they have met the UN Millennium Development Goals target of having 15 million people on antiretroviral drugs for HIV nine months ahead of schedule. They say that there are 19.8 million people in the world who know they have HIV and again that for the first time 15 million of them are on antiretroviral drugs. They believe that there are 36.9 million people with HIV or AIDS in the world but that the other 17 million people are unaware that they have it. They expect that there will be universal coverage of the drugs by the end of the SDGs in 2030. I really hope that it happens a lot sooner though. Getting people tested and those who have HIV or AIDS treated has to be a bigger priority so that everyone who has HIV have as long a life as people without it. Getting everyone who has HIV treated is as important a goal as making sure everyone has enough food to eat and water to drink.

UNAIDS announces that the goal of 15 million people on life-saving HIV treatment by 2015 has been met nine months ahead of schedule | UNAIDS

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The Millennium Development Goals Report 2015 and the Post-2015 International Development Process

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