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Barbara Marx Hubbard (6)


Team Hope Ireland Christmas Shoebox Appeal- distribution in Burundi School 2010

It is not Christmas yet but I saw this video today (from 2010) for the first time and it is so inspiring and amazing that I have to share!



Be aware of the millions of people not being treated for HIV and AIDS today

We all know that HIV is manageable and treatable. In the West people with HIV have access to the anti-retrovirical drugs that manage the illness. If you have HIV and you do not have access to these drugs, or if you present to doctors too late with the illness, you will die of AIDS. I watched a couple of videos on Youtube a while back of people dying with AIDS. One of a young American man who died of AIDS in 1990 when we did not have the anti-retrovirical drugs and who contracted the illness through hetrosexual sex, and another more modern video of a AIDS ward in a country (I forget where exactly) in Africa. Millions of people living with HIV/AIDS in developing countries are not receiving the anti-retrovirical drugs.