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The Public Health (Alcohol) Bill 2015

I have spoken to Suzanne Costello the CEO of Alcohol Action Ireland a few times over the last month and I will be interviewing either her or her Communications Officer Conor Cullen sometime on the week of the 16th Feb. I was hoping to get her this week but the bill won't become law for upto or around another year yet so it will do no harm to interview them in another couple of weeks. I personally am happy with the bill planned. There will be more debate about it before it gets signed into law but I cannot forsee any significant changes to it although I could be wrong. I think that getting alcohol advertising banned from the media is even more important than ending the connection with sporting organisations. There will be a review three years after the law comes in looking at the whole question of advertising again. The bill I think is good as a start. It should make a big difference I think over time.